System jewelry has existed for A huge number of many years, in actual fact, the oldest earrings observed come from the Sumerian Tombs of Ur, which day from close to 2300 BC. It is alleged the lengthy earlobes of Buddha visuals confer with the practice of donning ear plugs of steadily rising size that stretched and elongated the earlobes. This has g… Read More

Eternity rings are a comparatively modern Element of the jewellery sector but have their basis in a very Significantly more mature tradition. This short article aims to reply The essential queries like - exactly what is an eternity ring and when must I by my spouse one of those rings!So you desire to to give your wife something which definitely sho… Read More

I have been wanting into all issues moral for Harriet (and for my own fascination) and thought Others might also like to see a bit more about who's who from the ethical jewellery Local community and what a few of the acronyms which individuals might use indicate. I am going to split my exploration up to now throughout several weblogs (mainly becaus… Read More

Historical Source of Lapis LazuliThe Central Asian nation of Afghanistan is not only a war-torn nation, but is a location of natural beauty which has a prolonged and exciting historical past. Afghanistan stands in between Asia and Europe and is bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. The Hindu Kush Mountain Range… Read More